Photography & direction by Marrwan Elhussein & Rihab Nubi
Assisted by Mohammed Bakheet
Copywriting by Zeinab AKA breatheinbeautiful
Participants: Mariama, Ahmad Gihad, Sara Adayleh, Ahmed Shareef
GOSSAMER aims to explore the different ways we build connections with others as well as ourselves, the way we enhance ourselves and highlight certain characteristics, while hiding others.
In our digital age, one of the most prevalent concerns with the increase of loneliness is how we've become less caring of others. It doesn't matter how technologically sophisticated we becom, emotional connectivity will always remain a core part of being human. 
Through GOSSAMER, we aimed to start a dialogue about how we can start to foster healthy relationships by understanding what connection is, learning how to connect with others authentically, and focusing on giving connection, not receiving it.

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