Photograph & Direction by Marrwan Elhussein
Creative Concept by Marrwan Elhussein & Engy Mahdy
Outfit design and Styling: Engy Mahdy
Character : @Afroarabiya
Makeup: @Jullzbek
Writeup: @zahrawho
The human desire to antagonize is complex and fluid. There is an urgency, and sense of intense desire to succeed, that we peel back, layer upon layer. Exploring the texture of each feeling, deepening the understanding of what is necessary. What we are trying to change, and what we need to change within ourselves to reach, reach, reach.

The process reveals itself—from the realization to the discomfort, driving against the grain until balance is achieved. And then we uncover the lesson.

In our journey we have been reading far beyond our capabilities, extracting meaning and inciting reactions. The discomfort melts away, beneath the torched surface we reveal what is raw, new, and regenerative.

Completely anew. Confident. Released.

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