I went through a personal journey of self discovery and introspection and isolation. I wanted to visualize and share this journey with people so I created the Moonlanding t-shirts.

I sectioned off the journey into three different phases:
الهبوط على سطح القمر
السيطرة على سطح القمر
العزلة على سطح القمر

Each phase symbolized a different aspect of my journey of self discovery, and each phase was represented in a t-shirt design.
Landing on the Moon - الهبوط على سطح القمر
I spent a lot of time discovering new aspects of myself, how I approach things and perceive it. During this period of time, I dedicated time and effort to understand these aspects of myself better instead of passively going through them.

Landing on the moon draws parallels from the above, it symbolizes the beginning of the journey of self discovery, where you discover and land on something new and every aspect of it is new to you. 
Controlling the Moon - السيطرة على سطح القمر
Following the new discovery of these new aspects of myself, I found myself driven to selfishly keep this discoveries to myself, fiddling with these newly found perspectives and internalizing them within myself became my favorite past time.

Controlling the moon is the idea of trying to take control of your new discoveries, your selfish desire to understand new territories turns into the need to posses them.
Isolation on the Moon - العزلة على سطح القمر
Even though I felt like I succeeded in discovering these new aspects of myself and possessing them for a period of time, I eventually found myself alone within a massive structure that has a lot of room to be shared with others. I faced difficulties coming out of the self imposed isolation I put myself under due to my own selfishness. 

Isolation on the Moon t-shirt symbolizes this phase, it's the most colorful and vibrant t-shirt among the three, to visualize wanting to be noticed and interacted with to save yourself out of isolation.
Moonlanding is not a t-shirt brand or a graphics t-shirt brand, it's a medium for me to express experiences and ideas that I went through. 

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